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Accessories / Specials

As a specialist in air motors and everything that has to do with air motors, we have a broad range of accessories and specials. By offering this, we want to offer a complete as possible range of products required to use air motors in a good and safe way. Think about: silencers, air line controls, control valves, general air supply and of course our complete GLOBE service.

GLOBE has a broad range of motors

Our air motors have a power range from 0,1 kW up to 23 kW. The air motors can be supplied in combination with a gearbox for higher torques and lower speeds. Custom built sollutions are possible due to our own design and production department. All standard motors are available from stock.

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Plug & Play

If you buy a motor with accessories, it will be delivered to you assembled. So you don't have to do anything yourself anymore.

GLOBE Quality

By purchasing both your motor and accessories from GLOBE, you can be sure of the GLOBE quality for your assembly.

High pressure specialists

Our specialists are there to advise you on the best accessories for your air motor.

ATEX certified

Many of our accessories, including our BN brakes and the brakes for the piston engines, are ATEX certified. With the GLOBE motors & accessories you can always work safely in explosion-prone areas.

GLOBE Service

With both your air motor and accessories coming from GLOBE, we can assist you with any problem.

Engineering department

Because we have our own engineering department with a very experienced team, we can help you with all issues of high pressure systems and applications.

BRANCHES & INDUSTRIES: Accessoires / Specials

Chemical and laboratory industry

Food and beverage industry

Pharmaceuticals and healthcare sector