Globe Czm With Gearbox

The Compact Piston Air Motor With a Gearbox

The GLOBE compact piston air motor has a low speed in combination with a high torque, without the use of a gearbox. If you have an application where a higher torque and / or lower speed is required, we can supply our compact piston air motors with different gearboxes.

We offer various gearboxes:

• Coaxial gearboxes
• Planetary gearboxes
• Worm gearboxes.

These gearboxes can also be supplied in stainless steel. Are you dealing with an explosion-sensitive area? No problem, we can also supply the combinations with ATEX.

Do you have special wishes? Or do you want to know what you need for your situation? Our specialists are happy to help you with the necessary calculations and select the suitable compact piston motor with gearbox.

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