Globe Rm Serie 4

Efficient, strong and compact

The GLOBE compact piston motors are top-class micro air motors. During the development of our pneumatic motors we have focused on achieving a long service life and high efficiency. That is why the GLOBE compact piston motors are even more reliable than other micro pneumatic motors. They are energy efficient thanks to their low air consumption. This micro air motor is unique because of there low speed combined with high torque, without the use of a gearbox.

These pneumatic motors can be used in applications where air motors are normaly not used.

Typical applications are winding machines, dosing machines, conveyor belts, positioning machines, mixers, and manipulators.

Why you choose the GLOBE compact piston motor

Runs like a train

Thanks to a nickel-plated housing and metal rollers in the pistons, the GLOBE compact piston air motors run even smoother with less resistance.

Robust & High durability

Thanks to the unique design of the pistons and the housing, the GLOBE compact piston air motors have less wear. This results in a longer service life and requires less maintenance.

Energy efficient

The GLOBE compact piston air motors are efficient up to 90% more than other pneumatic motors.

Low noise level

The noise level does not exceed 76 dBA. This makes the air motor quieter compared to any other air motor.

ATEX certified

Available with ATEX! It is safe to use in a explosive area.

Low cost ownership

The GLOBE compact piston air motor reduces the air consumption, is low in maintenance and operates without lubrication.

Branches & industries: compact piston motor

Chemical and laboratory industry

Food and beverage industry

Pharmaceuticals and healthcare sector