Globe Rm Serie 4

The Plastic Compact Piston Air Motor

The plastic GLOBE compact piston air motor offers all the benefits that the GLOBE compact piston air motor is known for: robust, low speed, high torque, long service life and low in costs. The plastic GLOBE compact piston air motor has a stainless steel shaft, front and rear cover and a plastic housing. The air motor is waterproof protected with class IP 64 (water resistant), easy to clean and completely dust-proof. Because of this the pneumatic motor is ideal for damp and / or dusty areas, the plastic series is widely used for washing systems, shipbuilding, food & beverage industry and production lines.

The micro pneumatic motors run oil-free and can be supplied with the following rotation directions: clockwise (CW), counterclockwise (CCW) or with a reversible rotation direction (reversible).

Our Plastic Compact Air Motor

RM012 | Plastic
Max. power 220 W / 0,21 H.P.
Torque at max. power 3,5 Nm / 2,5 lbs ft.
Starting torque 7 Nm / 5,1 lbs ft.
Speed of rotation (rpm) 50 - 350 (R)
Weight (kg) 4,2 - 5,8
Air consumption 255 NI/min. / 9 CFM
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Direction of rotation Reversible (R)
Flange No flange
  With flange
RM012 Plastic Serie
Type Torque Rotation speed
Rotation speed
(CW & CCW)
Weight (reversible) Weight
(CW & CCW)
IP Flange ATEX 3d model
Nm lbf.ft rpm rpm kg lbs kg lbs IP
RM012-PXX 12 8.9 50 – 350 - 4.2 9.2 - - 64 No No bestanden/
RM012-PFX 12 8.9 50 – 350 - 5.8 12.8 - - 64 Yes No bestanden/

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