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Vane air motors

The most common air motors of the world. Small, compact and reliable. Made to perform in barbaric environments and from any mounting position. Thanks to our unique and simple construction, this air motor is maintenance-friendly, easy to use and offers a long service life. The vane motors can be overloaded for a long time or even blocked without damage. Because of their design, these air motors are intrinsically safe, self-cooling and therefore very suitable for use in situations with explosion hazard and / or extreme conditions such as moisture and high temperatures. In addition, they are lighter and smaller than electric motors and are delivered as standard in accordance with ATEX.

Our vane motors are also available in oil-free and / or stainless steel.

Large stock = delivered quickly

Our vane motors are powerful; from 0.1 to 14 kW. The power and speed can easily be varied with compressed air. For more precession and accuracy, the air motors can be combined with gearboxes for higher torque and lower speeds. Our air motors are widely used for paint mixers, cranes, production tires, fans, slewing cranes, hoists, winches and much more. Our specialists are ready for advice and customization.

Thanks to our own production line and warehouse, all our standard motors are available from stock.