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Our biggest vane air motor

Our motors can endure overload for a long amount of time and can even be blocked completely without damage to the motor. Because of their design our air motors are safe, self cooling and therefor suitable to be used in explosive environments and/or other extreme conditions such as humidity and high temperatures. The V4 are standard supplied according to the ATEX regulations. The V4 is a much used vane motor from our program. The power and speed are easily adjusted by pressure and air flow. Available in stainless steel.

Our V12 Vane Motor Series

V12 Series
Max. Power 14 kW / 19 H.P.
Torque at max. power 55.2 lbs ft. / 75 Nm
Stall torque 75.1 lbs ft. / 102 Nm
Min. starting torque 53 lbs ft. / 72 Nm
Max. speed of rotation 1800 rpm
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Mounting options - Feet
  - Nema
  - IEC
  - Hub
ATEX-Certification Standard
Type - Oil free
  - Stainless Steel
Models & Performance
Model Max. power Torque at max power Min. starting torque Max. speed of rotation Mounting ATEX 3d model
kW HP Nm in.lbs. Nm in.lbs. rpm
VS12C 14 19 75 55,2 72 53 1800 IEC Standard bestanden/3D/Airmotors/
VA12C 14 19 75 55,2 72 53 1800 Nema Standard bestanden/3D/Airmotors/


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