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The BPS Stepper motor series contains three builts. The BPS 1620, BPS 1623 and the BPS 2532. All the motors work with three cylinders, controlled by matching valves. These valves are in their turn controlled by, for example, a PLC. Because of its design the stepper motors can both rotate left or right with a 3° step for each turn. Smaller steps are possible when using a gearbox.

The steppermotors are suitable for a lot of different applications. Not only because they are resistant to dust, dirt and strong magnetic fields, but also because they can be used at temperature ranges from -25 to +70°C. Besides this, they offer a high accuracy of about 9 arch minutes. The accuracy is not affected by the amount of steps. Another advantage is the available torque right from the start. With the smallest built this is 3,3 Nm and the largest built has 10 Nm. All these different features make this motor perfectly suitable for rotating and liniar drives such as: adjusting parts in machines, positioning and very accurate dosing.

1620 - 3,3 Nm / 2.4 lbs ft.

1620-IP (ATEX) - 3,3 Nm / 2.4 lbs ft.
Step angle: 3°
Max. torque: 3,3 Nm / 2.4 lbs ft.
Max. speed of rotation no load (rpm): 24
Speed of rotation at 2/3 of max. torque (rpm): 7
Max. moment of inertia (kgm^2): 0,0042
Weight (gr): 650