Compact Vane Motors

De GLOBE compact vane air motors are motors with one or more integrated planetary gearboxes. With this we can achieve many different speeds and torques. These motors are commonly used in general machine building, tools and on places with very limited space.

9M Serie

  • 1 kW / 1.36 H.P.
  • Compact built and high torques
  • Built in gearboxes
  • Also available in stainless steel
  • Easy to control
  • Special wishes possible
9M70R - 1kW / 1.36HP
Max. power: 1 kW / 1.36 H.P.
Max. speed of rotation (rpm): 440
Max. torque: 70 Nm / 51.6 lbs ft.
Rotation: reversible
Air consumption (m3/min): 1,2
Weight (kg): 5,5