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A pneumatic silencer is used to vent compressed air into the atmosphere. Depending on the flow and pressure of the air exiting the exhaust port of the air motor, it may produce noise that can be harmful to surrounding workers and/or cause noise problems in the application. In addition to noise, the exhaust air can also emit contaminants during operation. Filter elements in these silencers can prevent harmful contaminants from entering the environment.

Pneumatic air silencers, which can also be known as pneumatic mufflers, are a simple and cost-effective solution to reduce noise levels and unwanted discharge of contaminants. Silencers are an important part of all our air motors. They are not only there for noise damping, but also to ensure that the power of our air motors is maintained. Because of this we offer a broad range of silencers.

We offer a standard range of silencers suitable for the different kind of air motors we produce. But special silencers are also an option. Please contact us for the possibilities.

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