The GLOBE Group

The GLOBE Group was founded in 1986. Since then our focus has been on developing, producing, advising and sales of air motors, gas boosters, high pressure test equipment and systems.

Within the GLOBE group you will find two specializations. The focus of GLOBE Airmotors is mainly on the sales of the air motors while for GLOBE Test Equipment the focus is mainly on the sales of the high pressure test equipment and –systems.

In 2012 we added a German Establishment to the GLOBE group, something we are very proud of. Beside the German establishment, we use a worldwide distributor network to sell our products. As specialists we keep close contact with our customers, establishments and distributors. A positive business atmosphere and excellent service and quality, are very important for us.

As a team of experts with lots of experience, we are here to help you with all your questions about air motors, high pressure equipment and –systems and everything that is related to this matter. A big benefit is that we have our own production department. Because of this, we do not just exactly know what we sell, we can also provide customization for all our products.

The GLOBE group has a high standard when it comes to the quality of our products. Pneumatic drives are often applied in explosive atmospheres. That is why all our air motors, including the gearboxes, are ATEX certificated. We are ISO 9001: 2015 certified to guarantee our work processes and quality.

To give you a clear view of what we offer, we provided a wide delivery program. Here you will find an overview of our product program.

Air Motors

As a producer of air motors we offer a very wide program of different types of air motors.

Pneumatic Drives

For every situation and application we offer a complete pneumatic drives, including pneumatic valves, gearboxes and pneumatic brakes.

High Pressure Test Equipment and Systems

We are a specialist in high pressure test equipment and –pumps. All our systems are specially made to pressurizing liquids. We offer mobile standard systems and customize systems, which are totally adjusted to your wishes.

Gas Boosters

We are specialist in gas boosters and gas booster systems. Think of high pressure gas boosters or large volume flows of gas for different applications.

Air Boosters and Amplifiers

With the pressure booster you can also increase the compressed air locally without a problem.