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Air Amplifier systems

The GLOBE air amplifier systems is the solution for extra pressure in your compressed air system. Simply put, an air amplifier will increase locally the air pressure for different applications. For example: air tools, valve actuators, tire filling etc.

We produce the GLOBE air amplifier on request. Based on your wishes, we design and produce the GLOBE air amplifier in a stainless steel (inox) frame, with the required pump, manometers, valves, connections etc. This makes the system suitable for your situation. Do you want to take it with you easily, or would you prefer more security with a volume vessel? It is all possible at GLOBE Test Equipment.

The GLOBE air amplifier systems will be delivered complete with the necessary connections and couplings. It’s plug & play after arrival, what more do you want? We are happy to help, contact our high pressure specialists for advice and the many possibilities.

The GLOBE air amplifier systems

Standard range | Air Amplifier system
Portable Yes
Frame Stainless steel
Pressure gauge Glycerine filled
Reduction unit air control Easy control of outgoing pressure
Pump Single acting
  Double acting
  Two stage (2 stage)
Portable Extra handles
Volume vessel Optional
Digitaal display Optional

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