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Our largest variant of the standard air-powered high-pressure test systems

GLOBE Test Equipment's standard air-powered high-pressure test systems (APU) allow you to perform hydrostatic testing in a safe and responsible manner.

A hydrostatic test is done on a barrel, hose, bottle or other object by means of liquid (usually water or oil). The test is performed with increasing pressure until the test pressure is reached. The hydrostatic test detects leaks, manufacturing defects, wear, corrosion and burst pressures.

The APU Unicub (formerly SC10-6) is the smallest variant of the standard air-powered high-pressure test systems. This system is suitable for pressures up to 4480 bar (65,000 psi). Our systems are made in a stainless steel (SS) frame and mainly consist of stainless steel parts. In this way we provide you with quality and you enjoy a long service life. We offer some extras to make your work even easier. Do you have specific wishes? Our high-pressure specialists are ready for you.

APU SC10-6 Series (large)
Portable Yes
Frame Stainless steel
Pressure gauge Glycerine filled
Reduction unit air control Easy control of outgoing pressure
Ratio 5:1 t/m 740:1
Max working pressure 35 bar t/m 4480 bar
Volume per stroke 9290 t/m 2 cc
Flow rate 65 t/m 0,48 l/min
Portable Extra handles
Test certificate Option
Digital display Option
Pressure transmitter Option


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