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Besides complete high pressure systems, we can also supply you with seperate components. When you need a replacement, or simply don't need a complete system but a seperate pump, we got you covered. We have a complete range of loose pressure transmitters, hoses and pressure gauges.

Besides these components, we also have cooperations with HiP High Pressure Equipment, this way we can supply you wuth high pressure valves, fitting, tubing and tooling for pressures up to 10.000 bar (150.000 psi).

Lastly, we also are able to offer multiple ranges from the world leader in hydraulic power: HEYPAC. The frequently used pumps from HEYPAC are the GX and KR range. It is a wide range with varied options in flow and pressure.

Take a look below for our complete range of components, or contact us if you need help.

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HiP High Pressure Equipment is active in the development and improvement of high pressure equipment since 1954, HEYPAC is the world leading in hydraulic power. This way you are assured of high quality to work safely with high pressure.

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Custom built

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Hose test benches

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Operator rooms

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Gas bottle filling system