Gas booster systems

GLOBE Test Equipment designs and makes complete gas booster systems for various applications. For example, filling gas into cylinders, gas pressure testing of objects, gas leakage tests and much more.

With our years of experience, we are aware of the dangers associated with high pressure gases. That is why we make your system safe and easy to use. We produce our gas booster systems to your wishes and requirements.

The GLOBE gas booster systems are suitable for many gases, such as: compressed air, nitrogen, noble gases, hydrogen, CO2, argon, helium and various gas mixtures. The GLOBE gas booster systems are supplied complete with the necessary connections and couplings.

Not only do we offer complete gas booster systems, but we also sell separate pumps. Contact us for the many possibilities. Our high pressure specialists are happy to assist you.

The GLOBE gasboostersystemen

Standard range | Gas booster system
Portable Yes
Frame Stainless steel
Pressure gauge Glycerine filled
Reduction unit air control Easy control of outgoing pressure
Pump Single acting
  Double acting
  Two stage (2 stage)
Portable Extra handles
Test certificate Optional
Digital display Optional

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