Gx And K2R


As a world leader in hydraulic power HEYPAC develops and manufactures the most advanced air driven fluid pumps and hydraulic power units. The HEYPAC products have a robust design and are made of high quality. The pumps can be used cost-effective and energy efficient for liquids in many industrial, mobile and marine applications.

The frequently used pumps from HEYPAC are the GX and KR range. It is a wide range with varied options in flow and pressure. They are available as a basic pump, with an integrated tank or completely as a power unit.

The GX and KR range are commonly used in high pressure testing applications, garage equipment, airport ground support equipment, etc.

We can also help you with the required control valves, pressure reducers, reservoirs, pulsation dampeners and filters.

High quality

HEYPAC has been operating since 1978 in the development of hydraulic products that meet industry requirements.

Double acting pomp

The double acting pump can be supplied in endless variations. High pressure from 4 to 680 bar (55 to 9.840 psi) and a ratio between 2:1 to 80:1.

Energy efficient

The pumps from HEYPAC run automatically according to the demand of the system. The pump will go into stall when end pressure has been reached.

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