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High Pressure Hose Testing Systems

To be sure that your hoses are safe for use, you should (re)inspect them. This is done with a hydrostatic pressure test.

The test is performed by means of liquid (usually water or oil) on the hose. It is done with increasing pressure until the test pressure is reached. The hydrostatic test detects leaks, manufacturing faults, wear and tear, corrosion and burst pressures.

Especially for the testing of hoses we have developed high pressure hose test systems that allows you to test your hoses quickly, safely and accurately. The systems are available up to pressures of 4.500 bar (65.000 psi).

The high pressure hose test systems of GLOBE are specially made according to your wishes and requirements. This way, you can configure your system thanks to various options. Would you like to operate it manually or would you prefer the system to be fully automatic? With our special software package you can easily and accurately test your hoses with a test certificate with your own company logo.

At GLOBE Test Equipment you can do it all.

The GLOBE high pressure hose testing systems

High Pressure Hose Testing Systems
Frame Stainless steel
Maximum working pressure Up to 4500 bar (65000 psi)
Frame Tabletop model
Special software Optional
Security Door security
  System discharge in case of an emergency
Faster testing Extra for filling pump
  More test lines

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