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High pressure hoses are, as the name suggests, suitable for high pressure. Whether it's about liquid, gas or compressed air. High pressure hoses have a maximum working pressure to handle a continues pressure. And a maximum bursting pressure so a sudden peak in the pressure is no problem. High pressure hoses are made in different lengths, materials, bending radius, diameters, profiles and flexibility. There many different types of hoses on the market with unique characteristics.

Our high pressure specialist are happy to give advice about which hose is the most suitable for your situation. We make the necessary calculations, that’s how you can work safely with high pressure.

We can provide you with hoses that fits our systems, but we also provide you with high pressure hoses that fit your own applications.

In addition we offer our hoses with or without the necessary connections, couplings and clamps. In that way you can also order a complete high pressure hose. You wish it, we make it possible. Please contact our high pressure specialist if you have any questions or requests.

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