Globe High Pressure Systems Liquide

High pressure systems (liquid)

As a specialist in high pressure, we create complete high pressure systems that are used in different applications worldwide. Working with high pressure can be dangerous, which is why we offer systems that allow you to work in a safe and responsible manner.

Our systems are complete, plug & play, easy to use and will be delivered with the required connections and couplings.

The GLOBE high pressure and bolt tensioning systems can be driven by air or with electricity. Our manifold systems can easily be used in combination with our test systems to test serval objects at the same time.
Whether you are looking for a standard system or a specific solution, our high pressure specialist are happy to help you.

The GLOBE high pressure systems are designed for you

Plug & Play

The GLOBE high pressure systems (liquid) are supplied "ready for use". This way you can start immediately after receipt.

Easy to use

Especially for you we have made our systems as simple as possible. So you can just do your work without complicated instructions.

Including desired couplings and connections

We supply your system with the desired couplings and connections. This way you can use the system immediately after delivery.

Engineering department

Because we have our own engineering department with a very experienced team, we can help you with all issues of high pressure systems and applications.

Production department

The GLOBE high pressure systems are produced in-house. This way we guarantee quality, speed in delivery and we offer optional extra options with our systems. Think of wheels, handles, liquid tanks, digital displays and much more.

High pressure specialist

With years of experience, we can provide you with excellent advice. GLOBE Test Equipment welcomes you for all your high pressure systems, components and parts for every application.

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