Hoofdpagina Hoge Druk Systemen Verlengd

High Pressure Test Systems

Our high pressure test systems are used for many different applications. Working with high pressure can be dangerous, which is why we offer systems to test in a safe and responsible way. In addition to high-pressure pumps, bolt tensioning systems, high-pressure manifolds, we also offer a range of standard APU high-pressure systems.

Hydrostatic tests can be carried out with our high pressure test systems. The hydrostatic test is performed on a vessel or component, this is done with liquid (usually water or oil).The test is performed with increasing pressure until the test pressure is reached. The hydrostatic test detects leaks, manufacturing defects, wear, corrosion and bursting pressures.

Our benefits = Pneumatically and Electrically Driven

GLOBE Test Equipment has a very wide range of high pressure systems and components. We offer high pressure systems for pressures up to 4500 bar (65,000 psi). Besides our standard systems GLOBE offers complete customized solutions for high pressure. Our specialists are happy to advise you.

The systems are available both pneumatically and electrically driven. The complete systems are plug and play, ready to use and easy to work with. In addition, our systems offer the option to create a test certificate quickly and easily.