Hoofdpagina Hoge Druk Systemen

Hydrogen test systems

With a hydrogen test, our test systems use hydrogen to determine the strength of an object and detect any leaks. During the hydrogen test, our hydrogen gas booster fills the object with hydrogen and keeps it at a certain pressure for a certain time, according to the requirements of the customer or industry. If the object does not deform or leak during the test, the test can be approved.

At GLOBE Test Equipment we have a lot of experience in building gas boosters and gas booster systems that are suitable for hydrogen testing. Our high-pressure specialists are ready for you with advice and suitable solutions. In doing so, we take into account the dangers associated with gases at high pressure. In this way we make your system safe and easy to use. The GLOBE gas booster systems are supplied complete with the necessary connections and couplings.

Our hydrogen systems

Hydrogen | Gasbooster systems
Portable Yes
Frame Stainless steel
Pressure gauge Glycerine filled
Reduction unit air control Easy control of outgoing pressure
Pump Single acting
  Double acting
  Two stage (2 stage)
Portable Extra handles
Test certificate Optional
Digital display Optional


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